Born in Kristianstad, a southern Swedish town close to the Danish border, bêlla is not backwards in coming forwards on her debut release ‘sorry if u misunderstood’. Infectious, radio and pop/r&b playlist-friendly, bêlla describes it as “flipping the bird at any guy who thinks we don’t know when they’re trying to take advantage of us. Most of the time we know exactly what they’re doing, and in this instance, I’m turning the tables and getting the hell outta there before I’m too far gone.”

Aside from bêlla’s obvious vocal talent, you have to admire her drive and tenacity. Committed to mastery in music-making and the business side of the industry, she has developed her craft from humble beginnings as one of four musical sisters, and then schooled herself in various parts of Sweden and London, honing her artist, production, live performance and music business savvy-ness. At the raw age of 18, she immersed herself in the London music scene, potentially making her a stand out in a current pop market flooded with studio-only artists, delivering powerhouse performances both on the stage and in her recordings.

‘sorry if u misunderstood’ is a perfect piece of sassy and sarcastic electro pop voicing any modern, young woman’s motto when the early stages of dating goes sideways. bêlla politely but surely explains, “we should be above losing it at a guy who’s trying to fool us around. We can be smarter and cooler than that.”

Cooler than that, bêlla is, nailing the clever balance Swedes seems to do so well on the global music scene – relatable, commanding pop that hooks you in with a kind of humility, leaving you wanting more.