RADOZ (Martin Anders Robert Nilsson) is no one-trick pony. Swedish-born with Croatian decent, RADOZ is rich in worldly know-how, musicality and true artist sensibility. No accident why – hes accomplished a great deal for his young age. Raised in an eclectic music household where artists ranging from Crash Test Dummies, Kiss and Bryan Adams were the soundtrack of his childhood, Martin eventually found his voice in the trap, R&B and urban world.

RADOZ holds the triple threat card, too – he can write/produce, dance and sing impressively. He was schooled in Swedens south, Kalmar, at a dance/theatre/singing school. By night, he would hone his songwriting skills, writing, engineering, singing and rapping in excess of 200 songs in just one year – uncompromising in his vision to nail his sound. His first record deal was signed at 19 with EMI under the pop duo NUMERA, where he can boast booking the biggest and most credible TV & live audiences in Sweden –Musikhjälpen’ (3 million viewing audience), Wake Up with the Voiceand Debaser Stockholm. He has featured vocals with DJs and producers enjoying airplay in countries as far as Australia and the Middle East, and frequently writes for outside projects in the thriving Stockholm songwriting scene.

This fall, RADOZs new single release OVER YOUwill penetrate as a clever piece of titillating, haunting, no holds barred, pop trap. Promising to be popular on playlists and screens, RADOZ ticks all the boxes. But the real point of difference? What he says lyrically and in real life, his stage presence and ability to deliver live makes him more believable than his local studio only peers.