After gaining a significant following on social media, with 1 million Instagram followers and over 5 million Facebook fans, along with millions of YouTube views, Benjamin was signed to ART:ERY in late 2014.

With the passion, work ethic and determination of Benjamin and the knowledge and experience of ART:ERY they started to define and develop Benjamin into realizing his potential, an international pop star to be reckoned with.

Benjamin is now working on his debut album together with some of Sweden’s top producers and songwriters. The whole team is looking forward to the highly anticipated outcome.

Benjamin’s first single “You’ve Got My Number” (produced by “CutFather”) was released in late 2014 and his follow up single ”Love You Out Loud” (written by Benjamin himself together with Christian Fast, Didrik Thott and Christoffer Lauridsen) was released in October 2015.

Benjamin continues to actively work with social media as a means to interact with his fans. Follow Benjamin on Instagram or on Facebook.



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“Love You Out Load is a new chapter for me, I remember the day we wrote the song in the studio. The vibe was amazing and I knew from day one that this song was magical” – BENJAMIN LASNIER

He continues, “the song is also very personal, it is about a boy who falls in love in a girl that he seriously can not get. All young people can identify with that feeling, both boys and girls”