“Sit down, I’ve got something to tell you” Hearing those words, coming from your 16 year old son could be somewhat nerve wracking. That’s what Connor Phillips parents experienced for a moment, a couple of years ago when he gathered them in the living room. Thankfully it was a happy surprise as he told them he’s been making music for a while, and now he’s got an offer to preform at a concert in Vancouver, but he needed them to sign a permission cause it was a 19+ concert.

Connor Phillips is a 20 year old artist and songwriter from Victoria BC, Canada. Growing up in the countryside, he first started off making music in one of the farmhouses. Without no one knowing, he bought a microphone and a laptop and begun to record.

What started off just for fun, took a more serious turn when he put the song “Brighter Seasons” on YouTube. The channel Presage picked it up, and in a short time it had reached over 100.000 views. At the time, still nobody around Connor knew about his project, but when he got an offer to do a concert in Vancouver he needed his parents consent to perform, and so he explained. On his way to the concert he made his artistic debut official on social media, and the reaction from family, friends and also people he didn’t knew, was really positive and supportive.

“I always wrote in a journal/my phone notes and slowly my written work became poetry and eventually transformed into music”

Irrespective to genres, Connor has a dynamic way to paint you a picture, often with dark rooted emotions, that affects.

“If I were to describe my music I’d say that is it dark. I typically create more when I’m unhappy because this is really the only place I know where to get these thoughts out of me. I do have some happy music but most of it is emotional. Nirvana specifically is pop-punk-trap”

On September 29th, Connor Phillips releases “Nirvana”,  his debut single together with ART:ERY. The song is co-written with COTIS who also features on the track.

“I feel we’re all searching for a bit of nirvana. Anything to take us out of the present moment”