Hailing from the Canadian city Victoria (British Columbia), 18 years young, Callum Afcouliotis aka COTIS is a talented artist and songwriter who with his smooth, characteristic voice, unique flow and melodies, takes you from dark trap to light party music. Without compromising, COTIS follows his intuition both in life and art, which also reflects in his music.

“Think about what you want, what makes you happy in life. Listen to YOU instead of just following the road that is placed in front of you, even if it may seems to be the obvious choice”

COTIS was introduced to hip hop-music and rap by his four year older brother, and the music came to play a natural part early on in his life. Often rapping together with his brother and friends, he felt that the rhythm and the rhyme came very easily to him. However, at the time, music was just for fun and not a serious matter.

Like many young kids in Victoria, being a very sport-supporting city, COTIS was putting a lot of efforts in to sports like hockey and especially baseball, in which he had a promising career ahead.

Simultaneously, while main focus still was put on playing baseball with his team, the music was always with him like a faithful companion. He noticed that he was drawn to the more melodic part of hip-hop, but for a long time he didn’t feel like he was “ready” for trying it out.

Nonetheless, a feeling and the need of changing focus in life started to crystallize. Being a person who listens to his inner voice and who dares to take risks, 2016 COTIS called it quits with the baseball, left his team of many years and went in to the studio. For the first time he felt “ready” and started to sing melodically. Even though it felt a bit sad parting with his old teammates, it felt right. For most of the mates, it didn’t came as a surprised and they fully supported the choice he had made.

“I think we are an important generation. Thinking about how the world looks today, I think that we can create a modern revolution in art”

When writing music COTIS always follows his first instinct, which is the most important thing. He is open for all types of music and if the beat feels right, then the rest of the creative process will go pretty fast.

Early 2017 there was a phone call from ART:ERY in Stockholm, Sweden who had noticed COTIS’s track “Drugs & Heartbreak” on Soundcloud. Two weeks later he was in their Stockholm studio for three intense weeks of sessions.

Since then, COTIS has released four singles: “Phone Light Up”, “All Night”, “Ride” and “Feel Something Again”.