With more than two exciting decades of experience writing & producing music and hundreds of millions of streams on songs they’ve lent their talent & time to – this Stockholm, Sweden-based duo made a big move recently: Reappearing under the name of DoubleN, the same name they had successful years with in the early 2000’s. Ready to release new singles and collaborations, DoubleN is embracing the spotlight and their own creative freedom like never before.
With each featured guest bringing something unique to the design, DoubleN is going where the music takes them, organically allowing the material to blossom and evolve naturally in a sincere effort to create songs that establish a genuine connection to every listener. Exploring genres, styles, and sounds of all-kinds, while always supplying a vibrantly refreshing dance-based vibe with stunning hooks from the lefts to the rights – DoubleN’s here to make music that truly moves you.