Peeking into a large, Swedish-style Easter egg, a 10-year-old Gabriel Gassi found an outdated music program that would ultimately illuminate the path of his budding music production and now, artistic career.

Gassi kick-started his passion for urban/R&B and pop productions with this Lego-like music building program, alongside playing drums to quench his other thirst as a youngster in rock and punk bands. A ‘chameleon’ is an apt description for this multi-skilled music maker, citing influences as diverse as Lil Durk, Justin Bieber and Tory Lanez. Gassi spent years studying, shapeshifting and translating the sounds from his vivid imagination across a myriad of genres with both live instruments and remixes for internationally successful Swedish performers, bringing out their inner artist and winning respected acclaim for his work.

Ready to come out of the studio trenches, be seen and heard for his own creations, Gabriel Gassi released his debut single in 2016 “Street Phone”, unveiling his own brand of singing-rap, urban, dancehall, pop. Enjoying two weeks running in Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and streaming in the millions, four ensuing single releases then solidified his identity and paved the way for potentially his most explosive instalment, “Lost”.

On how Gabriel found “Lost”: “I usually write my own songs but I received this demo and instantly wanted to record it. My music has been called ‘feelgood gangsta’ – I love that description and think that ‘Lost’ really embodies that vibe.”

A subsequent single is already planned to drop after “Lost”, titled “Rosebud”, exploring a seductive mix of minimalism, feelgood frequencies, hooky, monotone vocals and wistful lyrics. “I wrote this song during a time when I didn’t have a lot of money. I escaped into the world of video games, finding cheat codes to at least make my virtual life more extra.” With his armor of strong songs, production and live stage skillset, Gabriel Gassi is set to make waves on a whole new level over the coming 12 months.