Watch Ina Ivy talk about her debut single ‘Problem’ on SVT’s ‘PSL’ programme here!

Her rare singing voice is accompanied by equally rare rap and songwriting/production skills, making her a serious triple treat. Her sound has been maximized to stand out while simultaneously keeping it within a commercialized framework that suits the current and future music industry. Making it familiar but at the same time keeping it unique. Flip the coin of the project by continuing reading, and you will see it’s two sides.

The Swedish/afro, native American 23 year old came up with her artist name INA IVY as a branding of a new force. Ina is the native American word for “life”. Life and truth are what INA focuses on when creating music and writing lyrics. The motivation is to create a force of change; spreading contentment, motivation and confidence where truth and honesty are cornerstones of her creations.



“When I see and hear more about outer beauty, sex, money and physical health in today’s society, more than love, strength, self-awareness and mental health, I find it deceiving because of the simple fact that we are not only our physical appearance.

After being bullied a lot in school growing up, I choose to focus and maximize only the superficial side of me, because I thought it would give me closure and revenge, really It just masked what needed healing. The inner me didn’t get any attention from others, or most importantly myself that way. It was basically non existing, and I just always felt empty.

Today I want to enter the music industry reflecting the depth of strength, self respect and fortitude I gained and still am gaining by focusing on the inner me, always before anything else. Combined with attitude, poise, and recognition of a true whole pic of us as human beings, together with others who feel like the concept of INA IVY resonates with them in any way.”