MIRAMIS is a new, exciting project from multi-talented, small-town Swedish singer, songwriter and producer, Emil Berg.


Having spent countless hours in the studio honing his current identity closest to the heart, Emil has finally unveiled his passion project for 2018. This introspective and honest debut, ‘Suppressing Me’ feels like a poignant introduction.

Shrouded with electronic beats and airy vocals, ‘Suppressing Me’ meets nature and organic elements. Combining an ear-pleasing mix of cinematic, minimalism and folk music fused with strong pop hooks, the MIRAMIS songwriting and production talents shine at the core. The lyrics are essential, told from a personal point of view and often based on a feeling of twilight, where dreams meet reality. Berg creates his own, quasi-meditational and alternative style to cut through and inspire both himself and his fans from the past, as well as an untapped world in the imminent future.

On the background of the single, Emil Berg aka MIRAMIS comments:

”It’s the moment between thinking, and real action. You often have a lot of visions but don’t try hard enough to make it happen. Like those many late nights when I was playing video games and juggling that with reading early human history. I spent too much time in my head instead of actually meeting new people to be and stay inspired.

This song is the first push towards that…it’s like the first wake up call.”

The call to action is now. “Suppressing Me” was released Friday, March 2nd.