Monarken has been a musical powerhouse since 2008, and set off their public carreer with debut single Huligan (Radio Edit) in 2014. By popular demand they released their second single Idiot in early 2015, which quickly became a staple in Swedish rap playlists.

Since then the foursome have been busy releasing 5 singles and one EP, while touring Sweden and abroad. Their combination of groundbreaking electronic music and plainspoken albeit technically sophisticated lyrics have won them a place in the hearts and minds of thousands of people in Scandinavia and worldwide.

The members are assiduous songwriters and producers outside of Monarken, and have had some success with songs like Waiting For the Sun by Simon Erics, Only if you want to by ORKID to name a few.

In 2018 Monarken signed a prestigeous deal with Art:ery Music Group and will be releasing several songs during the spring.