VANESSA FALK, her father being the Swedish Grammy awarded musician- and producer, Christian Falk, grew up amongst creative greats as she spent most of her childhood in a recording studio living and breathing music. Being naturally groomed by her environment, as artists like Robyn, Neneh Cherry and Petter surrounded her, it was evident what path she would later take as a young adult.

Vanessa Falk began her career as an artist in 2006 when she appeared on “People Say”, an album that would go on to win the Swedish Grammy for best album, produced by her father. After the critically acclaimed appearance, she chose to go her own way and create her own lane, and in 2011 she released her first singles “Private Party” and “Beg Like A Dog”. The two party reeking club-tracks served as a presentation, but not definition, of Vanessa Falk to the music scene, out of the shadow of her father. Then in the winter of 2012 Vanessa met songwriter, producer and musician Stefan Örn and her new journey took shape as their musical collaboration began.

As the newly found team started to work on her album, Vanessa’s life took an abrupt turn as life came to a halt, when her brother tragically died. During the following troubled year she was incapable to find the joy in music, and with it the recording sessions suffered and came to a standstill.

Then slowly, but surely, she started to find her way and with the support of Stefan Örn and Johan Kronlund, they began making music again, as friends, with no strings attached. 

Soon, Vanessa started to find the joy in music again and the collaboration with Stefan and Johan resulted in the painfully beautiful ballad “Hurt”.  The song was recorded and finalized for release at the same time that Vanessa’s father Christian Falk sadly died of cancer.


With the tools of how to deal with the painful past, she continued to find happiness in music, and that undying passion resulted in the single “Burn” that was released in autumn of 2015. As productivity continued an album took shape, and on January 21st 2016 the standout single “Cry” was presented to the public.

With her raw talent, unique voice texture, and natural knack for songwriting that sees her emotions expressed effortlessly, and with an ability to make you feel you are in the room with her, the forthcoming album could well be her way of showing us that she is becoming one of the most interesting – and exciting recording artist Sweden has seen in recent years.